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File with extension: htmSOP 606.2 - Preparation Process for Resource Home Applicants
… Adoptive Parent TRIS 1 (FAP-TRIS 1) … The TRIS 1 (FAP-TRIS) is completed for each meeting. … original to the TRIS office within five working days of the meeting.
Result of type: documentPPM 13-13 Required First Aid Training for Resource Parents
… provided in TRIS, within sixty (60) days of initial approval as a resource parent. … provided through TRIS. … For security reasons, no portion of the SSN should be sent to TRIS in e-mail;
File with extension: docSOP 3A
A copy of the approval letter is sent to TRIS; and … Upon receipt from TRIS of the Foster and Adoptive Verification, the R&C worker completes and returns … The original is sent to the TRIS office and copy is retained in the file; and
Result of type: document12.7 Approval and Denial
Result of type: documentPPM 12-17 Medication Administration Training for Resource Parents
Begin by going to the Electronic Courses-Resource Parents web page in TRIS; … exists in the TRIS system (i.e. there are two John Smiths), the system will not assign the same use … The user should contact their R&C worker or TRIS for trouble logging on.
File with extension: htmKentucky: Cabinet for Health and Family Services - STARS Resource Links
ECE-TRIS is a database created to store and maintain individual training records for Early Care and … ECE-TRIS creates an easily accessible, centralized location for training records.
File with extension: htmSOP 628 - Reopening a Resource Home
… is to contact TRIS office to re-activate the Resource Home in the TRIS system.
File with extension: htmSOP 604 - Information Meeting for Resource Homes
… Form” to the TRIS office. … is sent to the TRIS office within five (5) working days. … to the TRIS office at this time.
File with extension: htmFoster Care Criteria: SOP
TRIS - the Training Record Information System.
File with extension: docTO:
Training for designated staff on the Work Number is web based through TRIS. … All users will be awarded training credit (.50) on TRIS.
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