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File with extension: htmKentucky: Cabinet for Health and Family Services - Child Support Enforcement
… you can apply for child support services, estimate a child support obligation, make your child supp … Child Support Enforcement in the Department for Income Support provides assistance to parents with m … CHFS may adjust a support obligation, if the review shows a material change in the current support o …
File with extension: htmKentucky: Powell County - Division of Child Support
Division of Child Support … Contact your local child support office to apply for child support services. … Payments for child support can be mailed to:
Result of type: document31.10 Child Support and Title IV-E
31.10 Child Support and Title IV-E … 4.11 Private Child Placing (PCP) or Child Caring (PCC) Agency … 4.24 SSW's Ongoing Contact with the Birth Family and Child, Including the Medically Fragile Child
File with extension: htmKentucky: Department of Revenue - Other Collection Programs
and is employed to help resolve unpaid child support obligations. … has an unpaid child support obligation the Health and Family Services Cabinet, Division of Child Su … Inquire about Child Support Collections
File with extension: htmKentucky: Cabinet for Health and Family Services - Child Fatality
Child and Family Health Improvement … Child and Family Health Improvement … Authorization to establish state child fatality review team - Annual report on child fatalities.
File with extension: htmKentucky: Kids Health - Additional Resources
Child Fatality … Child Care … Child Support
Result of type: documentAbout Revised Child Support Forms
About Revised Child Support Forms … About Revised Child Support Forms  Revised Child Support Forms … Instructions Affecting Wage/Income Withholding for Child Support
File with extension: Children's Services
… have ranging from child support to health insurance. … and adults, child abuse investigations, foster care, adoptions, child support collections, cash ass … Information and support for parents regarding child support obligations
File with extension: htmKentucky: Hart County - Child Support Recovery
Child Support Recovery … establishment and enforcement of child support payments … Child Support Recovery
Item iconchild care subsidy spending cuts « Prompter
… sympathizes with child care providers and advocates aggrieved by spending cuts to a program that ma … A Louisville child care director said child care assistance enabled her to adopt two related boys wh … capacity crowd of child care assistance providers and other advocates who also believe that the sta …
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