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Result of type: documentAdvisory Opinion 95-09
The Commission believes in KRS 11A.040(7) the term … you do not agree with the Commission's interpretation that "lobbyist" in KRS 11A.040(7) means … belief that "lobbyist" in KRS 11A.040(7) does refer to executive agency lobbyists.
Result of type: documentProcurement and Protest Resources
KRS 45A.085 … KRS 45A.695 … KRS 45A.080
File with extension: - CERS Elected KRS Board Member Resigns
… member of the KRS Board of Trustees submitted her resignation from the Board, effective immediately … received at KRS on Friday, September 20, that Betty’s new position as an Office of Management & Bud … You can read more details on the KRS website:
Result of type: documentOrder Granting/Denying Waiver of Reasonable Efforts Pursuant to KRS 610.127 (New)
Pursuant to KRS 610.127 … pursuant to KRS 610.127 … defined in KRS 202B.010, or other developmental disability as defined in KRS 387.510, that places th …
Result of type: documentOrder - Permanent Custody Pursuant to KRS 620.027 (Revised DNA-9)
KRS 620.027, KRS Chapter 403 … KRS 610.170. … The information, records and evidence of domestic violence as defined in KRS 403.720;
File with extension: pdf344.030Definitions for KRS 344.030 to 344.110.
344.030 Definitions for KRS 344.030 to 344.110. … For the purposes of KRS 344.030 to 344.110: … defined in KRS 344.010 who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can
File with extension: pdfchfsabcinventorylist.pdf … KRS 205.540: …
File with extension: - Randy Overstreet Last Term on KRS Board
The next KRS Board of Trustees meeting will be held on Thursday, February 19, 2015. … served on the KRS Board of Trustees for 20 years. … his tenure on the KRS Board, Randy served as the Board Chair from 1997 until 2011 and held that pos …
File with extension: - KRS Candidates for SPRS Election
KRS Candidates for SPRS Election Announced … a petition at the KRS office is at 4:30pm on November 30, 2014, by delivery to the Division of Inte … By December 31, 2014, the official ballot will be prepared and printed by KRS external printer.
File with extension: - 23 Million Recovered for KRS
The Kentucky Attorney General’s office recovers $23 million on behalf of KRS. … These funds have been remitted and invested by KRS. … The recovery makes KRS whole on losses suffered with its investments in 25 private-label mortgage-ba …
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