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File with extension: - New IT Director at KRS
… Systems (KRS) today as the new Information Technology (IT) Director. … IT experience to KRS. … that will allow KRS to continue to enhance our security and risk management systems.
Result of type: documentAdvisory Opinion 06-03
Yes, except when covered by KRS Chapter 15.733. … Pursuant to KRS … excepted from the classified service by KRS 18A.115(1) are public servants as defined in KRS
File with extension: - KRS Audit Committee Meeting
KRS Audit Committee Meeting … The meetings will be held in the KRS Boardroom located at 1270 Louisville Road, Frankfort, Kentucky.
File with extension: pdfkrs72405.pdf
the conditions set forth in KRS 72.025; … required by KRS 72.415, except that a deputy coroner shall be certified without … completion of training courses required by KRS 72.415 if he is a licensed physician.
File with extension: - CERS Elected KRS Board Member Resigns
… member of the KRS Board of Trustees submitted her resignation from the Board, effective immediately … received at KRS on Friday, September 20, that Betty’s new position as an Office of Management & Bud … You can read more details on the KRS website:
File with extension: htmKentucky: Cabinet for Health and Family Services - LHD Merit System Regulations
KRS 211.1751 - Definitions for KRS 211.1751 to 211.1755 … KRS 211.1755 - Merit system for local health department personnel … KRS 337.365 - Rest periods for employees
Result of type: documentPenalties, Prohibitions, and Review of Statements
KRS 11A.216 … KRS 11A.211 … KRS 11A.216
File with extension: pdf344.025Construction of KRS Chapter 18A.
344.025 Construction of KRS Chapter 18A. … No provision in KRS Chapter 18A shall be construed to preclude any classified or
Result of type: documentAdvisory Opinion 95-09
The Commission believes in KRS 11A.040(7) the term … you do not agree with the Commission's interpretation that "lobbyist" in KRS 11A.040(7) means … belief that "lobbyist" in KRS 11A.040(7) does refer to executive agency lobbyists.
Result of type: documentProcurement and Protest Resources
KRS 45A.085 … KRS 45A.695 … KRS 45A.080
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